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Our Mission:

We offer a place to people who seek God where they can find Him through daily personal time with Him.

Our Prayer:

We pray that God will reveal Himself to people as they seek Him. We ask that God would bring people to a place where reading His word is a regular part of their lives. We pray that people would come to know His saving grace through the reading of His word.

We Offer:

  • A plan for reading God's word, the Bible in a year
  • A place to record how God is speaking to you on-line
  • An easy way to search through your personal on-line journal
  • Optional E-Mail reminders to help you stay on-track with your goal
  • A private place where you can share your journal and prayers with friends
  • An on-line legacy to leave to future generations
  • A method to request your journal entries be sent to you on media such as CD-ROM

New in v1.4

  • A place to record what books/chapters of the Bible you've read through

How to get the most out of mydailyjournal.org

Click on this link to learn how to use mydailyjournal.org. These instructions will give you guidelines to help you reap the benefits of spending time daily reading the Bible and praying.

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To contact mydailyjournal.org, email us at: info@mydailyjournal.org. We're always open to comments, suggestions, etc. This ministry is supported by the prayerful contributions of its users.

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